Dual Radiator Based Low Profile Fan Beam Antenna for MM Wave Fencing System


  • PRAMENDRA KUMAR VERMA Defence Electronics Application Laboratory (DRDO)
  • Raj Kumar DEAL, DRDO, Dehradun
  • vinod kumar singh
  • Ashok Kumar




Array Antenna, Dual Topology, Fan Beam, MM Wave Fencing


The paper describes the design, development, and characterization of a low profile, lightweight and linearly polarized fan beam radiating array antenna for millimeter wave fencing system. Dual antenna topology has been proposed for each transmit and receive tower to obtain maximum coverage area compared to a single antenna configuration. The radiator placement (height) has been optimized to minimize the dead zone region. Proposed RF fencing system utilizes an 8x32 probe-fed microstrip patch array antenna developed on 10 mils RT Duroid dielectric substrate material. ANSYS's High-Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) full-wave EM software has been utilized for simulation and analysis of designed radiating array. VSWR of the realized antenna is 1.75:1 over the frequency band of 34.5 GHz to 35.5 GHz. The E-plane and H-plane HPBW of the developed antenna at 35 GHz is 8.4 and 2.2 degrees respectively. The measured gain of the antenna is better than 25.4dBi over the frequency band 34.5 GHz to 35.5 GHz.


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Author Biographies

PRAMENDRA KUMAR VERMA, Defence Electronics Application Laboratory (DRDO)


Antenna System Group


Raj Kumar, DEAL, DRDO, Dehradun


DEAL (DRDO), Dehradun

vinod kumar singh


DEAL (DRDO), Dehradun

Ashok Kumar

Associate Director

DEAL (DRDO), Dehradun


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PRAMENDRA KUMAR VERMA, Raj Kumar, singh, vinod kumar ., & Kumar, A. (2021). Dual Radiator Based Low Profile Fan Beam Antenna for MM Wave Fencing System. International Journal of Advances in Microwave Technology, 6(1), 254-259. https://doi.org/10.32452/IJAMT.2021.254259