International Journal of Advances in Microwave Technology <p>The International Journal of Advances in Microwave Technology (IJAMT) is a double blind peer-review, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of Microwaves including microwave passive and active devices, microwave solid state devices, metamaterials, microwave antennas, microwave tubes, high power microwave sources and systems, microwave communication, wave propagation, millimeter- and sub-millimeter-wave techniques, radar engineering, radio astronomy, remote sensing and imaging applications. Specifically, the journal focuses on analysis, design, development, measurement, and testing of microwave components and devices, high power microwave sources and system, the interaction of electromagnetic waves with discrete, continuous, and biological media.</p> Academic Society of Science Engineering and Technology en-US International Journal of Advances in Microwave Technology 2456-4346 Analysis of Field Propagation inside A Waveguide Diplexer using Cavity Model Analysis <p>This paper presents a numerical analysis of field propagation inside a waveguide diplexer network. To do the analysis the diplexer <br>network has been modeled using multiple cavities and then solved using a method of moments. Field propagation inside the network has been demonstrated in terms of aperture field distributions at various transverse planes of the network at the two-channel frequencies and a stopband frequency. To validate the numerical analysis, the frequency responses of the diplexer have been compared with literature available data.</p> Ashmi Chakraborty Santanu Dwari Copyright (c) 2023 Ashmi Chakraborty, Santanu Dwari 2023-04-18 2023-04-18 8 1 296 300 10.32452/IJAMT.2022.296300